Day 94 – A Year of Stitches 2017

April 4, 2017

Today was Bible study day and going to the local needlework shop and picking up the framed Shepherd’s Bush “The Promise” piece that was over 15 years in the making….See what happens when I go through my craft room?  Here is the finished piece:

“The Promise” by Shepherd’s Bush

I used a suede mat to match another completed Shepherd’s Bush Christmas piece.  The two pieces will be hanging near each other.

While at my local needlework store, In Stitches in Alexandria, VA, I could not help picking up some new fibers!  Last weekend I ordered some Silk ‘N Colors from The Thread Gather on their Etsy shop.  The two colors I picked out were limited editions only through their site.  I picked up some more colors today at the shop.  Bright bold colors!!

The Thread Gather Silk ‘N Colors in Sweet Lavender, Wild Blue Yonder, Rose Manor, Bubble Gum (left to right)


So now to the daily progress!  I added bark to my palm tree, I guess I used a Satin Stitch in cotton floss….I  am not sure which floss or color, but I am pretty sure it is a Weeks Dye Works product.

Day 94:

Stitch:  Satin Stitch

Fiber:  Weeks Dye Works (I think) in a brown color, 2 ply used



Day 35, Week 5, YTD– A Year of Stitches 2017

February 4, 2017

Week five finished!!

This week I added to the flowers at the bottom of my hoop.  I used the Tulip Stitch for…wait for it….tulips!!  For the stems and leaves, I wanted to try something different from the stem stitch, so I pulled out the Backstitch from cross stitching days and the Detached Chain Stitch for the long leaves of the tulips.  To finish the week,  I added a crow button from a kit  I purchased from my local needlework shop a long, long time ago….

While I was searching through my stash this morning for something to add, either a bee, or sun, or bird (which turned out to be the crow!) I found a kit that was published in 2000.  Now, I am not sure if that means I bought it in 2000, but I know I purchased it when I was doing different stitches on linen.  So, someday my stitches may be starting this kit…I shall see….

Day 35:

Stitch:  Embellishment only, sorry!

Fiber/Embellishment:  Polymer Clay Crow by from Hob-Nobb Designs, Inc. by Kam, used black cotton to attach.


Year to Day Ending February 4, 2017 – Week 5

Finished tulips and added bird.


I am not sure where I will go from here…  I may use the Sunflower buttons from the kit the crow came from next week…Come back and find out!