Day 82 – A Year of Stitches 2017

March 23, 2017

Thursday morning is busy….here is a copy of my FB post about what I was doing this morning…..

“Today the CCFC helped 33 families, including two new ones, around 150 people total, by sharing our bounty we receive from the Capital Area Food Bank, Giant, and Aldi. God has blessed the food closet with the opportunity to team up with these groups. This week we picked up over 1 ton of groceries!! That’s two thousand pounds that are picked up, unpacked, weighed, and stocked for our Thursday shopping. It is a wonderful feeling to see these grateful faces each week. Everyone is welcome to help make this example of God’s love possible for our local community.”

Here is a picture from this morning….



Now back to stitches!!

Day 82:

Stitch:  French Knot

Fiber:  Sampler Threads from The Gentle Art in Flax, 2 ply used





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