Day 56, Week 8, YTD– A Year of Stitches 2017

February 25, 2017

Remember the week I took  a break from my large hoop?  Well, I finally finished it off!  Using the guide for finishing from the “Boho Embroidery” book, I trimmed the excess fabric with pinking shears, glued the fabric to the back of the embroidery hoop and backed it with a piece of wool felt I picked up from Michaels.


What I learned was that I needed to plan ahead and cut the backing felt BEFORE I sewing the piece in the hoop….Oops…The felt just fits inside the back of the hoop with no glue.  I also jotted my initials and the year with pen on the inside of the hoop.  Not very neat so no picture!  Here it is hanging on the wall.


Back to the main hoop….I decided to continue stitching around the bottom of the hoop, to the left of my previous work.  Spring-like weather is visiting Northern Virginia this week..think May instead of February!  So, Easter is on my mind.  I used several variegated fibers this week, new velvet fibers, and new stitches!

Today I learned a new stitch to add to my library.  I learned the fishbone stitch to fill in an egg.  I also used satin stitch and double cross stitch for the other two eggs.  Silk and velvet were the fibers used.

Day 56:

Stitch:  Satin Stitch Double Cross Stitch and Fishbone Stitch (from left to right of final three eggs.)

Fiber:  Classic Colorworks hand dyed silk in Aqua Velvet 2 ply, Petite Very Velvet in V629 single strand, The Thread Gatherer in Silk ‘N Colors in Fairy Quilt Cottage 2 ply

Year to Day Ending February 25, 2017 – Week 8







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