Day 54 – A Year of Stitches 2017


February 23, 2017

Another May day in February in Northern Virginia.  So, my mind is picturing spring….So, today I added some spring to my hoop.

During this annual challenge of stitching everyday I have not planned too much, at least not on paper.  Today is different.  I had an idea early this morning, but I needed to figure out what I wanted before I tried to stitch it out.  So, today you get process!!

I wanted to put colored eggs in the little patch of ground I have been working on this past week.  Yesterday I added grass, so today things go in the yard.  I want flowers, like crocus, and some eggs, but I thought about the Easter Bunny.  I cannot (not yet) draw a bunny, so how about ears hiding in the grass?  For this, I need to draw this on paper to make sure the ideas make sense.  Here is my rough sketch.


Yeah!  My idea can work.  I will first stitch the eggs, add rabbit ears, then the flowers will be added last….I used a chalk pencil to draw the eggs on my linen, and used a back stitch and lots of color.  I will fill the egg tomorrow.

I used 6 colors of various brands of hand dyed cotton embroidery floss.  So many I could not fit them onto my hoop!   So, you get a bonus picture below.  Enjoy!

Day 54:

Stitch:  Back Stitch

Fiber:  (Eggs left to right on photograph labeled Day 54 not in the picture below…poor planning!)  Crescent Colours in Golden Star, Weeks Dye Works in Robin’s Egg, Sampler Threads from The Gentle Art in Bittersweet, Crescent Colours in Pansy Purple, Weeks Dye Works in Chartreuse, and Six Strands Sweets by Jessica Burr in Sweet Babycakes, all using 2 ply









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