Day 35, Week 5, YTD– A Year of Stitches 2017


February 4, 2017

Week five finished!!

This week I added to the flowers at the bottom of my hoop.  I used the Tulip Stitch for…wait for it….tulips!!  For the stems and leaves, I wanted to try something different from the stem stitch, so I pulled out the Backstitch from cross stitching days and the Detached Chain Stitch for the long leaves of the tulips.  To finish the week,  I added a crow button from a kit  I purchased from my local needlework shop a long, long time ago….

While I was searching through my stash this morning for something to add, either a bee, or sun, or bird (which turned out to be the crow!) I found a kit that was published in 2000.  Now, I am not sure if that means I bought it in 2000, but I know I purchased it when I was doing different stitches on linen.  So, someday my stitches may be starting this kit…I shall see….

Day 35:

Stitch:  Embellishment only, sorry!

Fiber/Embellishment:  Polymer Clay Crow by from Hob-Nobb Designs, Inc. by Kam, used black cotton to attach.


Year to Day Ending February 4, 2017 – Week 5

Finished tulips and added bird.


I am not sure where I will go from here…  I may use the Sunflower buttons from the kit the crow came from next week…Come back and find out!


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