Pictures to share


January 30, 2017

As I mentioned in my previous post, snow visited Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland today.  This snow is a pretty snow!  Our roads are clear in the neighborhood and high school junior only missed two hours for a delay…

I took this picture right after the hubby left for work, I love how the light reflects off the snow covered cherry tree branches!


After the sun rose, I checked out the backyard….We back to parkland/woods and the snow perfectly coated our trees.  It was so quiet and peaceful, just a few bird calls.




I wanted to share a couple more pictures from this weekend.  I joined my sister to visit my niece in Farmville, VA.  She is attending Longwood University and needed some additional goodies for her first year!  (She is studying art!)

Welcome to Farmville!

On the way back, we decided to stop at the Workhouse Art Center in Lorton, VA.  There is an art installation that when I pass it, it seems to grow!  My sister wanted to take some pictures so I jumped at the chance!  It is a beautiful structure and smells great!!  I cannot wait to see it completed.  (Sorry I was not with it enough to take a picture of the artist’s name and the installation’s name…)


If you read this far, thanks for sticking through my ramblings….






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