Day 14, Week 2, YTD– A Year of Stitches 2017

January 14, 2017

This post includes the weekly wrap up and a YTD picture of progress!  So, two weeks down and 50 to go!  I am interested to see the size of a year of stitches….

I decided the sky section of my week one needed some clouds, so I added a couple of vintage glass pearls from my bead stash.  I love these beads and wish that I picked up all the local bead store had at the time!  I made a lovely necklace with a teal sea horse ceramic pendant from them…a nice reminder of the beach during this icy weather.

Day 14:

Stitch:  Simply added embellishments, Vintage glass pearls from local bead store

Fiber:  Leftover Christopher metallics, using single strand



Week 2:

This week was mainly a regrouping to try to plan a little better for this year long project.  I realized I wanted to still do what I normally do while stitching, adding the year and sign the project.  I also found out I need to plan a little better about timing, so hopefully sections or themes I will complete in 7 days.  So for week two, I added the year and my initials with some embellishments of stitches and beads.  (For stitches and fibers used during week two, see previous blog posts for those days.)  I am still using fibers from my  extensive stash, trying to resist temptation to purchase fibers I see other embroiderers using!  I did purchase “Boho Embroidery” this week and hope to incorporate some of her ideas and stitches in the future.



Year to Day Ending January 14, 2017





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