Day 9 – A Year in Stitches 2017


January 9, 2017

This morning, I dropped off the oldest at the airport for the Spring semester at the University of Arizona.  As I drove home, I realized that I needed to add the year to my work.  Now, when I do cross stitch or work on linen, I always place the date and my initials in the lower corners of my pieces when finished.


A couple of outside the box issues.  Working using a hoop, there is no corner to add the date!  Also, I needed to add the year now to make sure I finish in 2017.   Another problem was since I am not using an even weave linen, I was not sure I could make 2017 look like 2017.

Looking back at previous days, I decided to translate 2017 into Roman Numerals to go with the science idea of the Big Dipper in my nighttime sky and to show my love of math.  I am really happy with how the MMXVII turned out in the variegated dyed silk!  I also got to use one of my many sewing tools, the beaded tail catcher I purchased a long, long time ago!  (If anyone recognizes it in the picture below and remembers the name, please let me know!)

Day 9:

Stitch:  Straight and Cross

Fiber:  The Thread Gatherer Silk ‘N Colors in Fairy Quilt Cottage, using 3 ply


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